Slovene architecture

Automated Post Office on Čopova Street

BAAM arhitekti / 2016
LOCATION: Čopova 11, Ljubljana

The architects who undertook the renovation of this 19th century Renaissance building were faced with an extremely rich interior which is rarely found in Slovenia and, on the other hand, with the strict directives of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, which called for complete preservation of the walls, floors and ceiling. The result was a modern, self-confident architectural solution with a new, fully automated post office situated in the historic interior with a clear definition of the old and the new.
The separation of the theatrical background of the existing architecture was achieved by a visual contrast of monochromatic furniture which does not cover the historic columns. The automated machines are placed along the sides, while the architecture remains the focal point of the space. Two large circles accentuate the interaction of big and small volumes and draw attention to the existing stucco decorations, colourful paint and elaborate balconies.
The new additions are a display of modernity, monumentality and respect for the old.

Object information

Leto projekta
Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
200 m2
Vrednost investicije
80.000 eur
Energetska izkaznica

Technical team

Blaž Jamšek, Andrej Zonta, Matej Peneš
Blaž Jamšek, arhiv biroja

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Lesnina MG oprema d.d.