Slovene architecture

Attic Apartment Tivolska

Kombinat d.o.o. / 2018

The attic apartment is one of three new apartments created by reorganizing the unused attic of an older apartment house on Tivolska Street in Ljubljana. It is designed as an open space defined by a central core with a bathroom, sanitary facilities, a room for washing machine and a kitchen. The existing roof structure divides the apartment on individual premises – dining room, living room and two rooms. The apartment is illuminated with roof windows and a dormer, which also serves as a mini balcony.

Apartment is located in Ljubljana.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
90 m2

Technical team

Janez Marolt

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Tlaki, parketi, keramika
BMD Design, Bojan Marolt Dolinšek s.p.
Mizarstvo Anton Škof s.p.