Slovene architecture

a house between orchards

Cubus image d.o.o. / 2019

Plus an energy house between orchards with its own solar power plant. The house has a consumption of 14kWh / m2a ‘according to PHPP calculation and has received a grant from Eko sklad. Construction is with Ytong bricks. Ventilation and heating is done through ducts. The house is an example of the optimum choice of building materials and equipment to maximize price / energy efficiency and a healthy living environment. In the future, the solar power plant may be upgraded and used to power electric vehicles.

House is located in Kamnik.

Object information

Leto izgradnje
Velikost objekta
155,2 m2
Kvadratura parcele
723 m2

Technical team

Aleš B. Ivanko, Cubus image d.o.o.
Aleš B. Ivanko
Strojne instalacije
I.S.P. d.o.o.
Elektro instalacije
Marko Golob
Gradbene konstrukcije
Inpro 22 d.o.o.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glavni izvajalec
Dermastja Tomaž s.p. zidarstvo
Inpro 22 d.o.o.
Klemen Leskovec s.p.
Krovstvo, kleparstvo
Krantes d.o.o.
Okna, vrata
Termodom d.o.o.