Exhibition: KONS-TR³ Construction of the New Era

We are announcing the KONS–TR³ Construction of a New Era exhibition, which will be on view from October 11 to December 2 in Gallery TR3 (Trg republike 3 in Ljubljana).

The exhibition about the key architectural creation of Slovenian modernism, the complex in Republic Square in Ljubljana, presents the achievements of the design team, which was under the guidance of our most prominent architect of the second half of the past century, Prof. Edvard Ravnikar in cooperation with Prof. Ervin Prelog, PhD, one of the most important experts in the field of theory and analysis of constructions. The final result overcame the limitations of its era. Embedded in the monument itself, the TR3 high-rise building, the exhibition confronts the original with the original sources: the final realization of the complex and the first ideas. A selection of early designs will be exhibited, which illustrate the challenges and thought processes on the way to the final solutions for the entire Republic Square complex and the two high-rise buildings, designed as 27-storey buildings, then the tallest buildings in the country.


Open call for Volunteer Exchange is now open for applications!

Open House Europe is a collaborative project between 11 European cultural organisations, with a shared vision of promoting architecture as a positive force for change. As a part of the project, we hope to promote a more inclusive discussion about architecture and emphasise its role in addressing important social and environmental issues.

As project partners from Athens, Bilbao, Brno, Dublin, Essen, Lisbon, Milan, multiple cities in Slovenia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, and Vilnius, we invite you to participate in International Volunteer Exchange programme!

As a volunteer, you will have an amazing opportunity to participate in an Open House festival in another European city. By joining the Open House Europe Volunteer Exchange programme, you will be able to expand your knowledge and experience of volunteering, while also making new connections with like-minded architecture and culture lovers! You will also develop a greater understanding of how architecture can have a positive impact on tackling social and environmental issues. And most importantly, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore it and shortly… have much fun with the local Open House community.

Every year you will have an opportunity to choose from a few European cities. Each year they will be different. In 2023, you can choose to go to the following cities:
Stockholm (30 Sept. – 1 Oct.)
Tallinn (7-8 Oct.)
Thessaloniki (25-26 Nov.)

Festival Odprte hiše Slovenije 2023, foto: Mateja Jordovič Potočnik

As a volunteer, you will have to: –

  • Assist during the guided tours;
  • Contribute to the publicity of the public event by posting on social media platforms, taking photos during the festival, etc.;
  • If you are brave enough, you could test your public speaking skills and participate as a guide. Before the event, you will have to learn about the building, its architecture and be prepared to present it during the excursion (it will be in English, but if you are fluent in other languages, please, share it with us);
  • Be the best ambassador of the Open House festival.

Every Open House festival is a little bit different from your local festival. In some cities, volunteers will be guides, in others – be photographers or be a part of a festival’s organising team. Our advice: be helpful, respectful, supportive and try to get the most out of the international volunteering experience!

You can participate in the Volunteer Exchange programme if:

  • You are more than 18 years old;
  • You are fluent in English;
  • You have more than one year of experience of volunteering in your local Open House events;
  • You are available on the specific dates of the selected Open House event.

Izmenjava v Vilni, foto: Maša Rebernik

All selected participants in the Volunteer Exchange programme will have to sign the programme agreement. After volunteering, each participant will have to fill out the survey about their experience to help us improve.

All the expenses for travelling to a preferred city and accommodation will be organised and covered by Open House Europe project partners.

Join us in the exciting Volunteer Exchange programme and let’s explore European architecture together!

Open House Europe is co-funded by the European Union.


We are accepting applications until June 30, 2023. We are available for all questions at info@odprtehiseslovenije.org.

Open House Europe

The beginning of March will mark the launch of Open House Europe, a new international collaboration project. The project will embrace a more inclusive debate about architecture and strengthen the role of architecture as a positive change-maker addressing relevant social and environmental challenges. The launch event will be hosted by the project coordinator Architektūros fondas at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, on March 3.

The concept of Open House originated in 1992 in London to promote a better understanding of architecture for the public. At the heart of this idea is accessible learning through direct experience of the buildings themselves and interactions between professionals and citizens. Since 1992, almost 50 cities worldwide have adopted this unique format.

Open House Milano 2018. Photo by Luca Rotondo © Courtesy of Open House Milano

To improve and expand this format, a new collaborative project was initiated by 11 European cultural organisations that annually organise 12 Open House events in Athens, Bilbao, Brno, Dublin, Essen, Lisbon, Milan, multiple cities in Slovenia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, and Vilnius. The project will seek to include Open House festivals in other European cities and further knowledge exchange by collaborating with the extended Open House Worldwide network.

The three-year project will focus each year on a new direction: sustainability, accessibility and inclusion, and future heritage. These thematic axes will allow Open House Europe to shape the agenda for a debate about contemporary and heritage architecture, its values and quality. The objectives of the project are aimed at introducing collaborative modes of knowledge sharing, strengthening the position of architecture culture organisations in the sector, promoting education about exceptional examples of architecture and urban environments, engaging audiences, and increasing cultural accessibility.

Open House Stockholm 2022. Photo by Ina Andreolli © Courtesy of Open House Stockholm

The programme of Open House Europe will introduce a range of new activities and events that will be organised across the continent. The project will include Annual Summits in different European cities, a Volunteer Exchange Programme, a digital platform, and a range of innovations in the Open House festivals. The visitors will be able to take part in open calls for visual stories that will encourage them to explore and interpret the annual Open House Europe themes through their own experiences and knowledge gained during the Open House weekends.

The launch event of Open House Europe promises to be an informative and inspiring experience for architects, cultural specialists, and the general public. It will provide insights into the aims and objectives of the project and further explain its programme. The launch event will be available online via the Open House Europe Youtube channel on March 3 at 18:00 (GMT +2).

Project partners: Open House Athens, Open House Bilbao, Open House Brno, Open House Dublin, Open House Essen, Open House Lisboa, Open House Milano, Open House Slovenia, Open House Stockholm, Open House Tallinn, Open House Thessaloniki, Open House Vilnius.

Coordinator: Architektūros fondas

The project is co-funded by the European Union.