TEM Čatež d.o.o.

Leading Slovenian manufacturer of switches and sockets TEM Catez for more than 45 years offers its users simply adaptable, technologically innovative and highly aesthetic products that regulate atmosphere and well-being in various living and workings spaces and environments.

TEM sales program includes 4 families of switches and sockets. First is the modular system MODUL in Line, Soft and PURE design lines. Special feature of PURE exclusive line are decorative cover plates made ​​from natural materials (metal, wood and glass). Next in TEM offer is the new LOGIQ family of classic switches with modern design and fresh colour hues. Users can also choose between elegant and timeless Ekonomik for round boxes and Fontana surface mounted system for humid and dusty spaces.

Company meets the requirements of ISO 9001. Its products comply with international quality and safety standards. TEM has been awarded several times at various international fairs and contests (their business and storage facility of Jereb and Budja Architects is the recipient of the Golden Pencil Award and other architectural awards).

TEM Čatež d. o. o.

Čatež 13

8212 Velika Loka


+386 7 34 89 900