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Lesoteka houses

In the forest-wood chain »From forest to house«, formed by the Lesoteka Group, we act as the last link in the chain, the manufacturer of massive wooden houses and larger facilities for business and public use.

Two different systems are used in construction; spruce log for traditional wooden log cabins and CLT – cross laminated timber wood walls for wooden houses of contemporary architectural concepts. In the construction there are high quality materials; as much as possible natural materials and components. Rich experience and knowledge in the field of wooden construction is a guarantee for professional and accurate work.

Massive wooden houses Lesoteka are adapted to today’s lifestyle, but concurrently built with great responsibility for the environment. Our mission is to build comfortable, healthy and economical wooden houses for the highest quality of living.

Our vision is to become a leading quality manufacturer of solid wooden houses that bring contemporary views of the construction of residential buildings into the architectural landscape.

Lesoteka hiše d. o. o.
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