Kragelj arhitekti d.o.o.

Kragelj is an international team of fifteen architects and designers specializing in workplace strategy, design, and green architecture. We are a reliable partner of many Slovenian and international companies, from large and public corporations, to medium-sized and small technological, service and media companies. Kragelj is driven by creating sustainable solutions and best results for our clients.

Workspace design and architecture are our true passions. We have studied, worked, lectured, published books and articles, and ran businesses across four continents. Still, we are constantly exploring new territory to expand our knowledge and find new, innovative solutions. We have been in the role of business owners, managers and employees, so we understand the expectations of different stakeholders. When it comes to quality, we are tough, but we advocate a relaxed approach, as a positive atmosphere in the team brings the best results.


Cesta v Mestni log 73,

1000 Ljubljana


T: 01 256 43 50