GAO arhitekti

Designing interiors is our passion, our love…

A love of beautiful objects, beautifully illuminated spaces, fragrant homes, ballrooms filled with wonderful music. And respect towards the people who make their homes in these spaces.

Our calling is to create a story with our designs. A story of bringing together space and people, which transforms an apartment into a cozy shelter, a business interior into a firm’s individual identity or a ballroom into someone’s second home.

We strive always to instil character, my hallmark being that we are open to diverse ways of living, aesthetics and functions of space. The relationship and trust between designer and client can raise the quality of life to a new level.

Each new project is a challenge, leading us to create a striking image using furniture, colour, texture and materials, with new concepts of space and light.


GAO d.o.o

(GAO Gradnja, arhitektura, oblikovanje, d.o.o)

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