Forum of Slavic Cultures

The Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) is an international foundation, a non-profit and non-government organization, whose idea emerged in the cultural circles at the turn of the 21th century. The FSK was officially founded in 2004, and today unites more than 300 million Slavs in 13 Slavic countries. The FSK mission is to nerve the creativity of Slavic cultures. The Foundation’s basic purpose is to connect Slavic cultures and give them presence in today’s global social arena.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures connects and represents Slavic culture, science and arts, their creative charge and heritage, while investing its efforts in bringing the recognizable contribution of Slavic cultures to the global dialogue.

International fundation – Forum slovanskih kultur

Cesta 27. aprila 47

T: +386 (0)8 205 28 00, +386 (0)40 835 775