Slovene architecture

Renovation of a bivouac at Prehodavci

Premica d.o.o. Celje, CBD d.o.o. / 2013

The old bivouac at Zasavska koča shelter on Prehodavce mountain was renovated at the beginning of 2013 season. The wooden construction was assembled in two days. Then the workers of Rudi Rudnik building company began working on the roof. After two additional days, the bivouac was ready to welcome mountaineers. Visits to the bivouac are at your own risk. Guided tours are not organized.

Object information

Project Year
Construction year

Technical team

Aleksandra Penca, Petra Lešek, Goran Djokić, Nataša Voga
Anže Čokl
Construction engineers

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Main contractor
Rudi Rudnik s.p., Planinsko društvo Radeče Planinsko društvo Radeče
Storaenso GmbH