Salonit Anhovo

Salonit Anhovo, d.d., will become a leading Slovenian manufacturer in the branch of building materials industry and a leading supplier of products for the construction industry and other users. The company will provide to its business partners high quality products and commercial and technical support in the field of applications. The main focus is on orientation in sustainable development which enables the production that is balanced with demands of society, economy and people’s needs for high quality of life.

With our own development work, innovations and continuous improvement we will ensure continuous economic growth and growth of added value. Salonit Anhovo, d.d., will provide high quality working places and establish an employment center for young qualified and highly professional staff. Salonit Anhovo, d.d.  is and will be socially responsible company to its employees, to the environment and to others.

Salonit Anhovo, d.d.
Anhovo 1
5210 Deskle

T 05 392 10 00 / 05 392 10 00
F 05 392 17 00